Adults with type 1 diabetes

Catherine gave me a sideways look, and then began grilling me about the formal definition of LADA. I had to admit, it's pretty fuzzy. Today, I gratefully present you with the results of her investigation into this mysterious acronym:. Having had Type 1 diabetes for nearly ten years now, I can handle most diabetic terms and acronyms thrown my way. Hemoglobin A1c?
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Clarifying LADA (Type 1 Diabetes in Adults)

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Type 1 diabetes - NHS

Extreme thirst Increased urination can then result in dehydration, which will leave you feeling more thirsty than normal. Unexpected weight loss Along the same lines, if your body is losing sugar in your urine instead of absorbing it, you may lose weight without trying. Other diabetic symptoms in adults include feeling drowsy or lethargic; sudden vision changes; fruity or sweet-smelling breath; heavy or labored breathing; and stupor or unconsciousness. If you do have high blood sugar and it goes untreated, it could develop into diabetic ketoacidosis—a life-threatening condition. So please see your doctor immediately if you are exhibiting these warning signs. Although symptoms may overlap…. One of the early signs of childhood diabetes is increased urination and thirst.
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What is Type 1 Diabetes?

In the past 25 years, however, determining what type of diabetes a person has has become more of a challenge. Most of these children and teens are overweight. In addition, another type of diabetes, called latent autoimmune diabetes in adults , or LADA, that shares some characteristics with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, has been recognized. Muddying the water further is the realization that diabetic ketoacidosis , an acute, life-threatening complication of diabetes that is caused by a lack of insulin, can occur in people with type 2 diabetes — not just in people with type 1, as was previously thought.
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Type 1 diabetes is much less common than type 2 diabetes and typically arises in children. In the United States, the peak age at diagnosis is most often around 14 years old. It is not known why, but the pancreatic islet cells stop producing insulin in the quantities needed to maintain a normal blood glucose level. Without sufficient insulin, the blood glucose level rises, causing some of the common signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia. The beta cells of the pancreas releases insulin into the body to regulate blood sugar; in T1D, the pancreas cannot produce insulin so you need to take it, usually by injection.
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